Episode 70 - Dolores of the House Umbridge: First of Her Name, the Half-Blood, Lord of the Boggarts, High Inquisitor of Hogwarts, Wielder of Chains and Mother of Centaur

Episode 69 - Christian Grey: An Anthropological Investigation of BDSM Culture and Experience

Episode 67 - Avengers Apocrypha #4: Big Oof Thanos

Episode 66 - Avengers Apocrypha #3: The Perfect Avenger

Episode 65 - Avengers Apocrypha #2: The Weak-Enders

Episode 64 - Avengers Apocrypha #1: Witch Hunt

Episode 63 - Phineas and Ferb: The Impossibility Engine & the Final Day of Summer Vacation

Episode 62 - Bob the Builder: Undead Knight Rider, Lemonheads, & Chainsaw Nick

Episode 61 - Admiral Amilyn Holdo: Political Lobbyist Turned Redeemed POW with an Ice Pick